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TEIC 2023

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FaceBook event Page: https://fb.me/e/52o0MNRR0
Website: https://midwestburners.com/2023/01/06/teic-2023/
Location: 39.128371, -95.582991 Right outside of Topeka, Kansas
Gate Hours: Thursday 10a-10p & Friday 10a-12a !!!THERE IS NO GATE ON SATURDAY!!!

Ticket Pricing: We have increased the ticket prices for T.E.I.C. with intentions to start a volunteer incentive
program! If you complete 3 shifts at this year’s burn, you’re eligible for a $5 discount on next year’s ticket!
COVID Requirements: This year, we will not have any COVID requirements in place. We do encourage you to stay home if you are feeling sick with anything. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO BURN IF YOU ARE FEELING
SICK! We want you to get better, and the best way to do that is with rest! We also want to mitigate any illness that could be spread, COVID or otherwise.

Volunteer Signups: https://signup.com/go/BGcHUmK

Theme: Ad Astra Per Aspera
“Ad Astra Per Aspera” is Latin for “to the stars through difficulties” and is the motto of Kansas.
We’ve gone through some difficulties here at our little Kansas burn but we continue to strive on. Come
celebrate our 9th burn with a theme about perseverance, our wonderful state of Kansas, and the beyond.
Join us on our adventure to the stars! This Event Is Cancelled (T.E.I.C.) is a Kansas official Burning Man Regional Event and is conducted in accordance with the 10 Principles: https://midwestburners.com/about/ten-principles-of-burning-man/ As well as recognizing Consent in addition to these principles.

No guns. NO FIREWORKS/EXPLOSIVES OF ANY KIND. No pets. (ADA service animals ONLY permitted)
T.E.I.C. is staffed entirely by volunteers and is a part of Midwest Burners Association, a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.