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Gateway 2023

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Attention, Citizens of the Milky Way! We have received an Intergalactic transmission from the Andromeda galaxy! An event of astronomical proportions is about to unfold on Earth, where creative travelers from distant lands will come together in an ancient grove, under a waning Aquarian moon. With joyful haste, we will construct a Gateway to an alternate universe, and build a thriving and vibrant community of loving hearts and friendship through service and playful exploration. Together, we will swim the streams of time in a spaceship of our own making.

If you are receiving this transmission, you have been invited to attend this event!

It will be exciting!

It will be hot! (bring lots of water)

It will be…

Gateway Burn 2023


Kid Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: No

Fancy Lad Farms
13140 Pat Daly Rd.
Potosi, MO 63630

Event Website: http://gatewayburners.org/

Cancellation Policy: This is a “rain or shine” event. NO REFUNDS will be provided. Unused event tickets will not be refunded.

COVID Policy:
Gateway Burn 2023 will require “rapid” testing to be performed at the gate.

Just like last year, we will be requiring you to bring a government-issued photo ID, your ticket/ticket number, and a COVID test to take at the gate.

Again, you must bring an unused test to the gate and take the test upon arrival IN THE PRESENCE OF GATE VOLUNTEERS.

COVID tests need to be self provided. If you are able to, please bring extra tests to leave with the gate staff to gift to community members in need.